Anatoliy Bezhenar, M.D.

Radiologist at  INNOVACIA Cancer Center

Short Biography:

Born in 1939 in Russia.

1969 - graduated from Kiev Medical Institute, with Specialty of General Medicine.

From 1969 to 2009 – National Cancer Institute; worked as:

Junior Research Fellow, Radiation Biology Laboratory;

Junior Research Fellow, Pulmonary and Mediastinal Diseases X-ray Diagnostics Department; 

Radiologist and Head of Pulmonary and Mediastinal Diseases X-ray Diagnostics Department; 

Chief of X-ray Diagnostics at In-patient Department

Senior Research Fellow

Ultrasonic Diagnostics Specialist

Head of the Ultrasonic Diagnosis Department

From 2009 - Radiologist, Ultrasonic Diagnostics Specialist at  INNOVACIA Cancer Center 

Main achievement:

The PhD thesis on X-ray Diagnostics of Tumors and Masses of the Mediastinal.

General experience in Medicine is 42 years

Board Certified in X-ray and Ultrasonic Diagnostics.


43 Scientific Publications, including a Monograph.

Scientific publications are presented in Ukrainian and international medical journals. The results of the scientific researches were presented at Ukrainian and international X-ray Diagnostics Conferences.

Main Specialty:


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