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Open days at INNOVACIA Cancer Center

On November, 11th  and 25th ,  INNOVACIA Cancer Center holds open days and gives an opportunity to  consult  the leading specialists breast physician, gynecologist, oncologist at 50% discount..



INNOVACIA Cancer Center and Cancer Centre «Parkway» (Singapore) announced a cooperation!

From October, 29th 2011within the limits of cooperation of two leading clinics, the INNOVACIA Cancer Center and the Singapore oncological center "Parkway", the clinic INNOVATION will run a non profit consulting service CanHope.

On October, 29th, free consultations for the Ukrainian patients will be provided from 15:00 to 20:00. Reception is conducted by Deputy Medical Director and Senior Consultant of Parkway Cancer Centre Dr. Khoo Kei Sion and leading oncologists of the INNOVACIA Cancer Center.


One of the most erroneous judgments about cancer is that it is a deadly disease."

 Ang Peng Thiam

Medical Director of the Oncological Center «Parkway Cancer Centre»

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Stories of our patients:



Nelly Rudneva. "Diagnosis".

I never thought that I could get cancer and I have to undergo treatment. In the foreseeable past, neither close nor distant relatives did not suffer from such a thing. I always tried to eat right: neither fried nor smoked, I did not eat sausage either, understanding what it was made of. She ate raw vegetables and fruits in large quantities. I did not overeat, I did not load up for the night. Many walked along the sea. In the summer I swam a lot, but only until eight in the morning, as it should be. In general, if you read the recommendations on how to protect yourself from cancer, then I carried them out simply point by point, although I was always sure that oncology was not at all mine.



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