One of the most erroneous judgments about cancer is that it is a deadly disease."

 Ang Peng Thiam

Medical Director of the Oncological Center «Parkway Cancer Centre»

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Nelly Rudneva. "Diagnosis".

I never thought that I could get cancer and I have to undergo treatment. In the foreseeable past, neither close nor distant relatives did not suffer from such a thing. I always tried to eat right: neither fried nor smoked, I did not eat sausage either, understanding what it was made of. She ate raw vegetables and fruits in large quantities. I did not overeat, I did not load up for the night. Many walked along the sea. In the summer I swam a lot, but only until eight in the morning, as it should be. In general, if you read the recommendations on how to protect yourself from cancer, then I carried them out simply point by point, although I was always sure that oncology was not at all mine.



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