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Open days at INNOVACIA Cancer Center

On November, 11th  and 25th ,  INNOVACIA Cancer Center holds open days and gives an opportunity to  consult  the leading specialists breast physician, gynecologist, oncologist at 50% discount..



INNOVACIA Cancer Center and Cancer Centre «Parkway» (Singapore) announced a cooperation!

From October, 29th 2011within the limits of cooperation of two leading clinics, the INNOVACIA Cancer Center and the Singapore oncological center "Parkway", the clinic INNOVATION will run a non profit consulting service CanHope.

On October, 29th, free consultations for the Ukrainian patients will be provided from 15:00 to 20:00. Reception is conducted by Deputy Medical Director and Senior Consultant of Parkway Cancer Centre Dr. Khoo Kei Sion and leading oncologists of the INNOVACIA Cancer Center.



If a family member or a friend is diagnosed with cancer, you wish that they receive the most efficient care and the best service.

Cancer is a devastating disease that is increasingly common in developed countries. In Ukraine, over 160 thousand people are facing it annually. The main tenet of modern oncology is that cancer can be cured given the timely and appropriate treatment. However, this also means that cancer patients must undergo a long and complex treatment process. Cancer specialized institutions that use the advanced technologies can provide the most substantial management of cancer.

INNOVACIA Cancer Center offers a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and treating of cancer by an experienced team of physicians (who were thoroughly trained by the experts from Germany) supported by a professional nursing and assisting staff in order to address the needs of cancer patients in full.

INNOVACIA Cancer Center uses the advanced technology in cancer treatment offering patients the most innovative techniques that have excellent clinical records in the framework of evidence-based medicine.


 Saving life to grant the hope.

Stories of our patients

 "Many thanks to the personnel of INNOVACIA Cancer Center for their caring attitude and high professionalism. In-clinic conditions, qualified treatment and positive climate helped me to cope with a problem. Wish a further prosperity and success to the clinic!"





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