Vadim Bazdyrev, M.D.

Pathologist at INNOVACIA Cancer Center

Opinion Leader  

Short biography:

Born in 1965 in Ukraine

1983 - 1989 - study at Zaporizhia State Medical University. Doctor certificate with the specialty of Anatomic Pathology

1989 - 1990 - Internship in Anatomic Pathology at the State Pathological Center of Ukraine 

1990 - 1997 - Pathologist at General Pathology Department of the State Anatomic Pathological Centre of Ukraine

1998 - 2008 – Head of the Anatomic Pathological Department of the А 2339 Military Division Hospital (Hmelnitskiy)

2009 - 2010 - Pathologist at the Military Medical Department of the Security Service of Ukraine, Central Hospital (Kiev)

From 2010 - Pathologist at   INNOVACIA Cancer Center


Main achievement:

- General experience in Medicine is 21 years

- Board Certified in Anatomic Pathology

- 2008 – PhD thesis: “Morphological Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Preoperative Methods of Treatment for Patients with Non-small-cell Lung Cancer”, National Cancer Institute of MH of Ukraine

Scientific publications were presented at the following conferences:

VIIth Congress of Ukrainian Pathologists “Ecological, Contagious, Vascular and Oncologic Pathology – Modern Aspects of Morphological Diagnostics and Pleomorphism”, Ivano-Frankovsk, 2003

Research and Practice Conference – “Actual Problems of Morphological Diagnostics of Diseases of Fetuses and Children”, Chernovtsy, 2004       

Ukrainian Scientific Conference “Actual Problems of the Age-Related Anatomy and Embryology”, Chernovtsy, 2006

Research and Practice Conference “Morphological State of Tissues and Organs in Health and During Simulation of Pathological Processes” Ternopol, 2006

Ukrainian Research and Practice Conference “Mordent Morphology Problems”, Poltava, 2006


Anatomic Pathology

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