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In Ukraine, breast cancer is the most common oncologic problem among women. According to the National Cancer Registry, over 16,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Until now, radiation therapy was used as adjuvant care after breast protective surgery. The new technique allows to perform irradiation while surgery. Following resection of the malignant tumor, radioactive rays are precisely directed on the certain areas to immediately neutralize the possibly remaining sections of the tumor.

Approximately 90% of recurrences of breast carcinoma may be observed at the location of the removed tumor. Thus, physicians tend to consider the immediate, targeted and high-dose irradiation of the risk area. The spot irradiation is performed by means of a conical irradiator head up to 5 cm in size. The irradiation dose is very high in the target area and decreases on its periphery. Sound tissues are not affected.

A unique infrastructure of high-tech equipment and tools is operating in the Breast Care Centre of INNOVACIA Cancer Center. It ensures the best results in breast cancer treatment.

Intrabeam™ is the only system for intraoperative breast irradiation in Ukraine. It is used for performing the targeting and high-dose irradiation during organ-preserving surgeries.

It gives our patients with breast cancer at the early stages a unique opportunity to receive a complete treatment in a course of a single day, i.e. to go through a breast-protective surgery saving the natural shape of the breast and be treated with an intraoperative irradiation of removed tumor bed.


Intrabeam™ (IORT)  Treatment Advantages:

  • Cancer cells at the tumor bed are destroyed, thus, the risk of further relapse is minimized and the effectiveness of treatment is improvement;

  • Total time of treatment is reduced by 6 – 7 weeks;

  • An after-surgery irradiation treatment time is reduced by 1 – 2 weeks;

  • The overall treatment expenditures are reduced.


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