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Welcome to INNOVACIA Cancer Center web site. We hope that our patients and those who want to prevent Cancer will find useful information here.

INNOVACIA Cancer Center is a Specialized Clinic for Women’s Health


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Over 16 thousand of Ukrainian women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in Ukraine. Today it is the most prevalent form of cancer diagnosed among women between their 35 and 55. The next most widespread problems are benign and malignant tumors of female reproductive organs. These diseases have reached the global scale of social problems. This was one of the main reasons to focus our efforts on establishing and developing the CLINIC FOR WOMEN’S HEALTH. Qualified diagnostics, effective treatment and the high-level service are provided to every patient. You will feel secure and confident in your future with us.

INNOVACIA Cancer Center was first opened in 2009. Today the Center has a Clinic Department capable to receive 150-170 visits per day, 43 hospital beds, 2 perfectly equipped Surgery Rooms, and an Intensive Therapy Unit with 5 beds. Our Center offers best comfort in single and double rooms in the In-patient Department facilitated with the most up-to-date medical equipment. All of this sets our Clinic at the top level of the leading European medical centers. Today, the patients from Ukraine, Russia and Serbia employ the services of our Center. More than 1,000 new patients visited INNOVACIA Cancer Center last year.

INNOVACIA Cancer Center was established to bring love and care to a woman, so that the patient feels confidence, psychological comfort, and homeliness. The clinic is located in a pine-tree forest on the bank of the picturesque lake in the suburbs of Kiev. Fresh air, intact nature and peaceful surroundings best serve the fast recovery and serenity.


Our services:

  • Diagnostics and Screening

  • Treatment of Breast Benign and Malignant Tumors

  •  Gynecology

- diagnostics and treatment of pre-cancer diseases (eg., cervical dysplasia)

- diagnostics and treatment of benign tumors (metrofibroma, cystoma and ovarian cysts, hysteromyoma)


INNOVACIA Cancer Center has all the necessary modern equipment, medicine and technologies to provide the specialized surgical, radiological and chemotherapeutic assistance to patients with malignant tumors.

INNOVACIA Cancer Center is equipped with a set of up-to-date medical and diagnostic equipment including linear accelerator VarianTM, intraoperative irradiator IntrabeamTM, computed and MR tomographic scanners, ultrasonic scanners, gamma-ray chamber, endosurgery instruments and other high-tech equipment.

The main focus of INNOVACIA Cancer Center is an individual approach to every patient. A team of medical, nursing and assisting staff does everything required and possible to ensure the curing.


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