Онкологическая клиника ИННОВАЦИЯ - Лечение рака молочной железы Вид с озера на онкологическую клинику ИННОВАЦИЯ 

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the beautiful pine forest surrounds INNOVACIA Cancer Centre, the specialized oncology institution for women health.

INNOVACIA Cancer Centre was established with love and care to women and their health.  INNOVACIA Cancer Center combines the most modern methods of diagnosis and treatment with the world standards of service.

The picturesque lake, fresh air, silence – everything is set here for comfort and expeditious rehabilitation of patients. The facility meets the highest requirements to ensure that our patients feel at home here.

Вид на озеро, с онкологической клиники женского здоровя ИННОВАЦИЯНабережная клиники ИННОВАЦИЯ  

The ground floor of the  INNOVACIA Cancer Center houses a comfortable waiting area. The receptionist will personally lead you to your appointments from here. A cozy café offers snacks, coffee and a relaxing atmosphere.

 Приёмное отделение в клинике женского здоровья ИННОВАЦИЯУютное кафе в онкологической клинике женского здоровья ИННОВАЦИЯ Клиника ИННОВАЦИЯ

Inpatient rooms are designed for full comfort thus having much in common with a standard hotel room. The  INNOVACIA Cancer Center offers single-patient rooms with a lake or a pine forest window view. The service includes three meals a day.

The Centre management and assisting staff are continuously improving the service to provide patients with the best care.

Attentive and professional service, high level of comfort, individual approach to and care for each patient are the guiding principles of the  INNOVACIA Cancer Center operations.

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