INNOVACIA Specialized Breast Care Centre

Pavel Luzan, oncologist of INNOVACIA Cancer Center


“You are diagnosed with breast cancer.” Can you imagine what does this statement mean for a woman?

Her breast is an essential part of her body, herself, her individuality and beauty. This perception is firmly established. That is the reason why the diagnosis is often taken by many as devastating. The questions start running through the head: What do I do now? How can I move on? Where should I seek treatment?

First of all, you need to know that breast cancer can be cured; it is the disease that one should fight to overcome.  

According to global statistical data, if proper treatment is received at Stage 1, over 90 per cent (of total number) of patients are cured; for Stage 2 the number is 60 per cent; it is only 40 per cent for Stage 3 and very infrequent for Stage 4.

In Ukraine, the incidence of breast cancer is increasing. In 2004 there were 15,863 people diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2008 the number of cases raised to 16,365. The probability of the disease in Ukraine is one for every 22 women.

The purpose of the Breast Care Centre is to provide the quality medical services and most comfortable conditions for women with all type of breast diseases. INNOVACIA Cancer Center provides everything required for quality breast preventive examination and advanced methods of diagnostics, surgical treatment, medical therapy, radiotherapy, and breast reconstruction after mastectomy.       

The treatment programs of the Centre are developed for complete tumor removal while providing the best reconstruction surgery results for patients.

INNOVACIA Clinic Breast Care Centre provides a full range of service for breast cancer patients. It includes trials, diagnostics, treatment and follow-up.

INNOVACIA Breast Care Centre services include:

  • Personal approach. Every case is reviewed at multidisciplinary councils where individual treatment plan is developed following the best practices;
  • Full range of diagnostic services;
  • Histology lab for expeditious clinical trial results;
  • Wide range of biopsies, including stereotactic biopsy of non palpable breast mass;
  • All types of breast surgeries;
  • Medical advice of plastic surgeon during surgical treatment planning;
  • Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy at the different stages of cancer;
  • Rehabilitation, including personal counseling with a psychotherapist;
  • Full range of medical services;
  • Experienced nursing and assisting staff;
  • Medical psychologist.


INNOVACIA Breast Care Centre team

Breast cancer treatment is a complex procedure. Many physicians of different specialties are involved in diagnosis and treatment process. In INNOVACIA Clinic Breast Care Centre different specialists work together as one team. They are medical oncologists, radiotherapists, surgeons, cancer gynecologist, pathologists, reconstructive surgeons, endocrinologist, chemotherapists, psychologists and general practitioners.

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