Innovations in INNOVACIA Cancer Center

Constant implementation and use of innovations in diagnostics and treatment of cancer are among the significant advantages of INNOVACIA Cancer Center. Innovations put INNOVACIA Cancer Center ahead of other clinics on both Ukrainian and global levels.

Complex Treatment of Breast Cancer in One Day!

Аппарат IntrabeamTM,  Онкологическая клиника ИННОВАЦИЯIntrabeam™ is the only system in Ukraine for intraoperative breast irradiation that is used for direct and high-dose X-ray therapy in breast protective surgeries. This gives patients with breast cancer at the early stages a unique possibility to undergo complex treatment in a single day, i.e. receive a breast protective surgery along with an intraoperative irradiation of the tumor bed.

Intrabeam™ Treatment Advantages:

  • The total time of treatment is reduced by 6 – 7 weeks.

  • The cancer cells at the tumor bed are destroyed, therefore, the risk of further relapse is minimized and the quality and efficiency of treatment is improvement.

  • The after-surgery X-ray treatment is reduced by 1 – 2 weeks.

  • The overall expenditures on treatment are reduced.





Up-to-date X-ray Therapy

Линейный ускоритель Clinac 2100C Varian, Онкологического центра ИННОВАЦИЯThe high-energy linear accelerator Clinac 2100C Varian is used in the irradiation therapy department of  INNOVACIA Cancer Center. The system represents the last generation of the equipment for distant before- and after-surgery X-ray therapy of the malignant tumor of any localization. It enables the physicians to choose the individual X-ray dose and mode while focusing the ray directly on the tumor and minimizing the negative impact on sound tissues.






Precise Breast Biopsy Technology

Трепан-биопсии Lorad Multicare Platinum Hologic, онкологическая клиникаIn INNOVACIA Cancer Center, Lorad Multicare Platinum Hologic unit is used for stereotactic trephine biopsy in diagnostics of breasts contrast masses that cannot be palpated. The unit enables (1) the target biopsy of masses that cannot be palpated, sizes starting with 2 mm in diameter, and (2) tumors removal surgery-avoiding intervention for tumor size up to 2 cm in diameter.







КТ, компьютерная томография, онкологическая клиникаМРТ, магнитно-резонансная томография, онкологическая клиникаГамма камера, онкологическая клиникаМаммография, онкологическая клиника

УЗИ, онкологическая клиника ИННОВАЦИЯКлинико диагностическая лаборатория. Онкологическая клиника ИННОВАЦИЯ


Atraumatic Surgery Techniques

Нетравматический метот хирургиис помощью аппарата «Сургитрон»

In  INNOVACIA Cancer Center, Surgitron – a radio-wave surgery unit – is applied to cure cervix pathology. It is a new nontraumatic surgery technique that avoids imbalance in the anatomy of the surrounding tissues. The advantages of such method are the following:

  • relatively short time frame for treatment;

  • no cervix scars;

  • ability to apply this method of treatment to nulliparous women or those planning consecutive pregnancy;

  • relatively fast healing;

  • sterile effect of radio waves;

  • substantial cosmetic effect.


Laparoscopic Surgery in Gynecology

Laparoscopic Surgery in Gynecology Storz INNOVACIA Cancer Center is equipped with Innovative Laparoscopic System Storz. Laparoscopic surgery has significant advantages for patients:


  • pain reduction after surgery;

  • reduction of the recovery period;

  • cosmetic effect.













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