Our approaches to cancer treatment

INNOVACIA Cancer Center

1. Multidisciplinary Approach to Choose an Effective Therapeutic Policy

What Does It Mean?

Oncology has multidisciplinary structure and involves a lot of various related medical disciplines. Therefore, medical treatment and following supervision must definitely be administered by means of a multidisciplinary approach, in other words, by a joint effort of the physicians of various specialties.

Why multidisciplinary approach is important?   

The most effective solutions in management of cancer are taken based on a multidisciplinary approach. Close communication of oncologists of different specialties is critically important for cancer diagnostics and treatment.

Multidisciplinary approach in INNOVACIA Cancer Center

Diagnostics and treatment of all types of cancer are based on a multidisciplinary approach. In  INNOVACIA Cancer Center, the physicians of various specialties work together to generate joint solutions and share liability for these solutions in a process of patient treatment. By following this approach, the physicians achieve better results in treatment and the following supervision of patients.  INNOVACIA Cancer Center provides services that include examination and diagnostics of cancer at its early stages, identification of people who are healthy but have a high risk factor for disease development, and informing them about the cancer prevention methods.

Chemotherapy and biotherapy are administered by the qualified nurses and supervised by the experienced physicians. The physiologic and psychological needs of cancer patients are being well-considered.    

2. Multidisciplinary Councils

What Does It Mean?

The term for this clinical event varies in different countries – Tumor Board Review, Tumor Council, Multidisciplinary Conference, etc. – but it has the same meaning. It is an intrahospital interdisciplinary conference where doctors of different medical specialties review and discuss the medical condition and treatment options of patients. The probability of successful treatment increases due to such an approach.

What Are the Functions of the Multidisciplinary Councils?

The council approach becomes widespread lately. Specifically it is applicable if the disease involves multiple cancer types. As a rule, cancer treatment requires doctors of more than one specialty (medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, surgical oncologists, etc.). During these conferences experts review patients’ diagnoses and discuss treatment options. Council discussions provide grounds for finding best treatment approaches for patients.   

How Does the Patient Benefit From the Councils?

Councils provide considerable advantages for patients. They no longer have need to visit multiple doctors. All aspects of their disease could be identified, evaluated and considered during one conference. Also, the needed treatment option could be chosen. The possibility of error is eliminated. In the following treatment the patients feel more safe and confident with such an approach.  

How do the Councils Work in  INNOVACIA Cancer Center?

In  INNOVACIA Cancer Center the diagnostics and treatment regimens are subject of mandatory supervision of multidisciplinary councils. Every patient is examined from top to toe. The most appropriate and effective treatment options are considered. This ensures excellent treatment results.    

3. High-Tech Infrastructure of the  Center

In  INNOVACIA Cancer Center, cancer treatment is administered at the world standards. This is achieved by using of the up-to-date process equipment in a teamwork of experienced physicians.

INNOVACIA Cancer Center offers the most recent cancer diagnostics and treatment processes of the world.

The up-to-date equipment is installed in the operating rooms, X-ray and other diagnostics facilities, pathologist rooms and also in the high-end radiation treatment facility.

All the above offer the indisputable advantages to patients as they are enabled to undergo total examination in one clinic and begin treatment immediately. 



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