Консультайция с главным врачём окологической клиники ИННОВАЦИЯThe medical case of patient of INNOVACIA Cancer Center is managed by the leading oncologists.

The information about the condition of every patient is accessible to all the physicians of INNOVACIA Cancer Center while data security and confidentiality is fully guaranteed at all times.

In INNOVACIA Cancer Center, the diagnostics and treatment of a patient are under the close and continuous supervision of multidisciplinary councils. Every patient is examined thoroughly to assure that the most effective treatment methods are considered and recommended. This assures the appropriate medical care is provided and positive treatment outcomes are achieved.

In INNOVACIA Cancer Center, the physicians of different specialties work together on joint decisions and share the responsibility for treatment.

With malignant tumors, the patients are recommended the additional tests. This procedure is followed by the development of a treatment plan in the shortest time period possible which is essential in cancer management. The recommended treatment plan may include surgeries, hormone, chemical and/or radiation therapy. 


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