Diagnostic Laboratory

Laboratory research is proved to be the most informative phase of diagnostics and treatment. It is the research that allows identifying changes on the molecular and cellular levels and presenting up to 80% of objective information on human body condition.


The laboratory of INNOVACIA Cancer Center is provided with the up-to-date equipment; moreover, all researches are conducted based on the latest technologies in the fields of diagnostics and disease prevention.

   Клиническая лаборатория онкологиклиники ИННОВАЦИЯ Лаборатория клиники ИННОВАЦИЯ Клиническая лаборатория клиники ИННОВАЦИЯ


The lab doctors of INNOVACIA Cancer Center hold the highest professional qualification categories; the laboratory assistants have passed special qualification courses and trainings for efficient work with the latest diagnostic equipment.

The distinctive features of the laboratory are:

  • IT integration in the laboratory procedures that eliminate the error possibility in the research results;

  • Short-term period to obtain the research results;

  • Consideration of and experience with the latest treatment methodologies;

  • Timely receipt of the obtained results by doctors and patients (not longer than 24-hour period).

Therefore, a patient is enabled to be fully examined at one location, in INNOVACIA Cancer Center. The high-end technologies and equipment added to the experience and professional competence of the laboratory staff allow to receive the timely and credible data.

In  INNOVACIA Cancer Center lab, the credibility of results is achieved by means of:

  • Providing an accurate control of pre-analytic stage of the lab research by using the S-Monovette disposable blood collection system;

  • Choosing the diagnostically efficient, sensitive and case-specific methods of laboratory research;

  • Implementing the up-to-date analytical systems that facilitate the accuracy and speed of the performed analyses;

  • Implementing the lab research quality control systems, including daily in-house laboratory quality control and mandatory participation of the lab in the external quality evaluation system.

Morphological Pathology Laboratory

 Патоморфологическая исследования в онкологической клинике ИННОВАЦИЯПатоморфологическая исследования в клинике ИННОВАЦИЯПатоморфологическая исследования в онкологической клинике ИННОВАЦИЯОпухоль рака молочной железы   

Histopathology Lab is a structural division of INNOVACIA Cancer Center. It is organized and managed to the highest world standards. All equipment and instrumentation are provided by the world-recognized lead manufacturer, Microm, including currently the only automated slide stainer in Kiev to conduct histological tests.

The morphological pathology research in INNOVACIA Cancer Center provides a high degree of accuracy and is indispensable in diagnosis verification. It is the pathology methods of diagnostics that allow for credible diagnoses of cancer.

The histopathology lab of INNOVACIA Cancer Center provides a full range of morphological research for diagnostics of various diseases.

By choosing the INNOVACIA Cancer Center Lab to conduct medical research, the patients benefit from highly accurate results, efficiency and time-saving as the laboratory is located on site of the  Center. The results of the medical research on trepan-biopsy material are provided maximum in 24 hours; the results on the operation material – in 72 hours. Express biopsy method makes it possible to obtain results in 20 minutes.

In Morphological Pathology Lab of INNOVACIA Cancer Center the biopsy materials – the samples of organ tissues – are researched by experts in morphological pathology. In order to produce a histological medicine, special solutions (histological mediators) are used to dehydrate samples. This prepares samples for further impregnation with paraffin in special molds that are solid cubes at normal indoor temperature. A special instrument – microtome – provides sections of organ tissues as thin as 3 microns. Next, these sections are placed on a glass and prepared for coloring. Then, the sections are colored with miscellaneous coloring agents that make cells and their elements as well as various elements of intercellular substance of tissues visible under a microscope. Based on results obtained through a microscope sample examination, the morphological pathology experts of INNOVACIA Cancer Center provide qualified conclusions to support clinical and/or final diagnoses.

INNOVACIA Cancer Center also uses a method of immediate histological examination – express-biopsy – for samples taken during surgeries. This method is applied in case of obscure diagnosis when quick decision should be made to identify the nature of the discovered tumor and to define a way to proceed in an on-going surgery.

During a surgery, a sample of an organ (tumor) is frozen to -60 degrees Celsius on a cryostat; sections are taken for analysis. The core of the method lies in the ultrafast low-temperature freezing of the sample without a histological mediator, i.e. without paraffin impregnation. The total time of the examination does not exceed 20 minutes versus the standard method with the total time of 72 hours required.

In Morphological Pathology Lab of INNOVACIA Cancer Center the up-to-date instrument, microtome-cryostat, allows freezing of a tissue sample down to -40 degrees C in 2-3 minutes and cut sections of 5-7 microns. This provides the credibility of a histological examination at a highest achievable level for this method.

Immunologic, Histological and Chemical Research

Иммуногистохимические отделениеонкологической клиники ИННОВАЦИЯ               Иммуногистохимические отделение онкологической клиники ИННОВАЦИЯ 

Since INNOVACIA Cancer Center is also specialized on breast cancer treatment, the histopathology lab performs studies of markers of immunologic, histological and chemical profiles of the mammary tumors. Such studies are focused on cancer histogenesis. They enable to localize a primary lesion by metastasis analysis and detect the sensitivity of tumor tissues to hormonal and chemotherapeutic agents for further effective chemotherapy.

The determination of the immune profile of the mammary tumor includes three receptors: oestrogen and progesterone (receptors of steroid hormones), oncogene c-erbB-2/HER-2/neu. Oestrogen and progesterone receptor expression is identified in 50-70% of the cases of breast cancer. Oncogene c-erbB-2/HER-2/neu expression is identified in 15-30% of the cases of breast cancer. The overexpression of the latter oncogene protein indicates the tumor resistance to chemotherapy and tamoxifen. 

Among other services, the Morphologic Pathology Lab of INNOVACIA Cancer Center offers revision of histologic agents, i.e. analysis of the available samples, in order to repeat the examination and/or obtain more detailed results of the initial research. The INNOVACIA Cancer Center resources enable to perform such analysis locally and/or with the Center partner laboratories in Germany.

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