Surgery Department of INNOVACIA Cancer Center

  • The Surgical Unit includes two operating rooms equipped with all necessary up-to-date medical devices;

  • Sterilization Unit;

  • Intensive Care Unit.



The Advantages of Surgery in INNOVACIA Cancer Center:

  • Technical capabilities provide for effective organ-preserving surgeries;

  • All cancer surgeries are performed in accordance with generally accepted international standards;

  • Professional competence and expertise of medical staff;

  • New, up-to-date equipment;

  • Fine incision and incision closing;

  • Postoperative supervision assures no complications, minimizes the time of hospital stay and reduces the overall recovery period.


INNOVACIA Cancer Center provides the following services:

  • Breast Surgery: All types of breast surgeries;

  • Gynecological Surgery: All types of gynecological surgeries, including diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopy;

  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: Breast reconstruction surgeries;

  • Laparoscopic surgeries eliminate the need for large incisions. Until recently, the incision of dermal body tissues was the only possibility to perform surgery.


Intensive Care Unit

ICU of  INNOVACIA Cancer Center facilitates the full range of equipment maintaining vital body functions.

   Отделение интенсивной терапии для лечения рака. Отделение интенсивной терапии. Отделение интенсивной терапии - лечения рака Отделение интенсивной терапии онкологической клиники ИННОВАЦИЯ

The anesthetic instruments enable to provide a measured supply of anesthesia while patient treatment requiring a short-term or continuous artificial respiration.

The ICU uses modular data registration displays to obtain accurate information on medical conditions of patients.

The entire personnel of the Unit, including nurses, have the necessary specialization corresponding to modern standards of intensive care.


Why  INNOVACIA Cancer Center?

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