INNOVACIA Cancer Center and Cancer Centre «Parkway» (Singapore) announced a cooperation!

The first admission of patients by Singaporean oncologist will be held on 29 October 2011 in the INNOVACIA Cancer Center and will be free of charge for all patients.

Dr Khoo Kei SiongThe cancer is a destructive illness which more and more often occurs in the developed countries of the world. In Ukraine more than 160 thousand people a year are diagnosed with this illness. The main postulate of modern oncology is that a cancer can be cured on condition that a timely and appropriate treatment is provided. These figures are particularly sad at the present level of development of medicine . There is understanding in the  INNOVACIA Cancer Center that it is possible to fill this gap only by common efforts. Advising of the population about necessity of constant attention to one’s own health, reasonable prices for services, and also use of the partners’ help are – the first steps in this direction.

From October, 29th 2011 within the limits of cooperation of two leading clinics, the  INNOVACIA Cancer Center and the Singapore oncological center "Parkway", the  INNOVACIA Cancer Center will run a non profit consulting service CanHope.

On October, 29th, free consultations for the Ukrainian patients will be provided from 15:00 to 20:00. Reception is conducted by Deputy Medical Director and Senior Consultant of Parkway Cancer Centre Dr. Khoo Kei Sion and leading oncologists of the  INNOVACIA Cancer Center.

Please, make an appointment by phones: (044) 331-21-00, (044) 331-23-00, (067) 503-59-22.

For making an appointment the following is necessary:

  1. To have approved oncological diagnosis in a category a gastroenteric path, bone sarcomas, gynecology, hematology, a mammary gland.

  2. It is desirable to have results of histological tests, images of CT, MRI.

  3. To provide the epicrisis or a short case record in a written form. This information is to be sent to the following email: info@innovacia.com.ua or to bring to the address: Kyiv Region, Vyshgorod District., Lyutizh village, street Vitrjanogo, 69а.

  4. The age limit of the patients to be registered in reception is 18 years.

For you information:

Dr Khoo Kei Siong presently serves as the Vice President in the Council of the College of Physicians, Singapore. He also sits on the Medicine Advisory Committee and the Medical Clinical Research Committee in the Ministry of Health. Before he moved to his current practice, Dr Khoo was a Senior Consultant and Head of Department of Medical Oncology at the National Cancer Centre (NCC). He was the founding Director of the Division of Clinical Trials and Epidemiological Sciences and was instrumental in setting up the clinical trials capabilities in NCC. Dr Khoo graduated from the National University of Singapore and received his training in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology at the Singapore General Hospital. He was awarded the Singapore Government HMDP fellowship in 1993 to pursue advanced training and research in breast cancer at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York. Dr Khoo is a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the European Society of Medical Oncology and a fellow of the Royal College of Physician in Edinburgh. He was President of the Singapore Society of Oncology from 1998 to 2000.

Parkway Cancer Centre  takes the lead positions in treatment of cancer not only in the Central Asia, but also behind its limits. Parkway Cancer Centre offers comprehensive cancer treatment with a highly skilled, multi-disciplinary team comprising consultant medical specialists, nurses, counsellors and other para-medical professionals to meet the specific needs of cancer patients. Parkway Centre uses the latest technologies in cancer treatment to help you access proven innovative therapies for the best clinical outcomes. Parkway Centre Centre has passed accreditation of a non profit American organization Joint Commission International, USA. Clinics and the medical centers which have received JCI accreditation, correspond to the highest world standards.





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