Screening in INNOVACIA Cancer Center

Breast cancer is the first most common tumor among women. The second is female reproductive organs cancer. According to statistics, one woman dies from breast cancer every hour. Daily 46 women are diagnosed breast cancer and 45 women are diagnosed malignant female reproductive system tumor in Ukraine. According to the National Cancer Institute, USA, one of 8 women faces breast cancer at one point in her life.

Unfortunately, the physicians in Ukraine often deal with the advanced stages of cancer, when the localized disease has developed into the systemic disease which is much more difficult to treat.

That is why Early Detection Program (Screening) is critically important.


Screening in INNOVACIA Clinic

What Does Screening Mean?

Screening refers to application of medical procedure or test to people who as yet have no symptoms of a particular disease; screening is applied for the purpose of determining the likelihood of having the disease at the early stage. The early screening allows diagnosing cancer before the disease causes symptoms. This increases the possibilities for positive outcome of early treatment, including the organ-preserving surgery methods. Screening enables to identify healthy women who nevertheless should be especially attentive to disease prevention.

It is necessary to remember that early diagnosis can save your life.




Each woman needs to make sure that she does or undergoes the following:

  • Self-examination: once a month would be ideal;

  • Ultrasound: once every 6 months for women between 20 and 35 years old);

  • Mammography: once every 2 years for women over 35 and once a year for women over 50;

  • Examination by gynecologist, including cytological examination: once a year for women over 18.


What are the criteria of a professional clinic for screening?

  • You are offered to undergo full examination in one facility;

  • You are enabled to receive medical advice from the experienced physicians with appropriate specialties;

  • If necessary, you are able to receive best cancer management using top of the known treatment methods.


INNOVACIA Cancer Center offers a wide range of breast and female reproductive system diagnostic screening programs which enable to examine women with no age limitation. The experienced breast care specialists and gynecologists of INNOVACIA Clinic will choose the specific screening type and provide with further advice, if necessary. The up-to-date equipment of INNOVACIA Cancer Center enables to diagnose any breast and female reproductive system pathology with respect to the patients’ time and comfort.



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