Radiological Diagnostics in INNOVACIA Cancer Center

An accurate X-Ray diagnosis is an essential part of deciding on the treatment method to be chosen. Modern techniques, state-of-the-art technologies and experienced staff are of paramount importance to perform radiological diagnosis.

Accurate diagnosis is critically important to make a decision about the necessity of cancer treatment. Besides qualification of specialists, the methods applied while using the up-to-date equipment are also important for the diagnosis accuracy. By adhering to this principle,  INNOVACIA Cancer Center follows the advanced medical practices and upgrades the diagnostic equipment on the regular basis. INNOVACIA Cancer Center offers its patients the diagnosis and treatment supervised by highly experienced physicians and nurses who use the latest instrumentation and technology.

The experts of INNOVACIA Cancer Center develop a finely adjusted procedure for examination of each patient; one examination is supported by the next one, if needed. This enables to accelerate the timing of the overall examination and reduce the risk of a diagnosis error.

When the specific radiological diagnostic method is chosen doctor introduces a patient to the procedure of preparation for examination and its features.

It is critically important to diagnose cancer at its earlier stages which increases chances for complete recovery while using modern treatment methods.

What are the Radiological Diagnostic methods?

In  INNOVACIA Cancer Center, the state-of-the-art technologies are applied to diagnose cancer at early stages.

The term radiological diagnostics includes various medical imaging methods such as radiography and ultrasound based on imaging and analysis of particular organs or body areas.

In INNOVACIA Cancer Center a patient is provided with an opportunity to undergo any type of diagnostic examination. The thorough results are received immediately upon completion of examination.

The Radiology Department of INNOVACIA Cancer Center uses its fully equipped X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) Room, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Room, Nuclear Medicine Room and Breast Total Examination Room (mammography, ultrasound, ductography, pneumocystography).


In INNOVACIA Cancer Center the examinations are performed using the modern Philips Brilliance BigBore Computed Tomography Scanner, Lorad Hologic M-IV Mammography Machine, ultra-modern Philips Medical Systems BrightView Gamma Camera System (USA), multipurpose expert class Ultrasound Diagnostic System SenoSonix.


X-ray Computer Tomography (CT)



X-ray Computer Tomography (CT) is a diagnostic method employing X-ray and high-tech imaging equipment to create images of internal organs and human body tissues. INNOVACIA Cancer Center uses Philips Brilliance Big Bore CT Scanner. Its outstanding characteristics provide the capability to work with patients of any weight. The outstanding feature of this particular scanner is a special Tumor Localization package – LOC – intended for tumor localization. Tumor LOC enables physicians to define the target tissue volume during the image restoration while avoiding preliminary forwarding of data to the CT-simulation unit. This allows quickly and efficiently measure and label the target isocentre on a patient while the tomography is in process and improves the efficiency of the research.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses magnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation pulses of certain frequency to create image of soft tissues, organs and bones.INNOVACIA Cancer Center uses Magnetic Resonance Tomography Scanner I-Vision. The MRI of brain, spine and small pelvic organs is performed in INNOVACIA Cancer Center. There is no severe radiation impact on a body.

Магнитно-резонансный томограф - МРТ Магнитно-резонансный томограф клиники ИННОВАЦИЯ- МРТ Томограф клиники ИННОВАЦИЯ - МРТ



Mammography is the main breast diseases diagnostic method. It is also called gold standard of breast tumor diagnosis.

Мамограф Мамограф для проведения маммографии Проведение диагностики на мамографическойм аппарате - Маммография

In INNOVACIA Cancer Center the high-end equipment is used. The M-IV Hologic Lorad Mammography Machine (USA) enables to reduce radiation dose by 30% during mammography procedure. Its distinguishing feature is a special design of Bucky grid used to prevent the scattered rays from reaching the film, thus aiding clarity and definition of the picture. The least anomalies are visible to doctor which increases accuracy of diagnosis. Also the equipment allows to examine breasts of any size. 


УЗИ - основной метод ультразвуковой диагностики рака          УЗИ - диагностика онкологических заболеваний


Ultrasound is one of the principal methods of diagnostic.  INNOVACIA Cancer Center uses multipurpose expert class Ultrasound Diagnostic System SenoSonix (USA) for high-accuracy disease diagnosis. It is the world’s #1 equipment that combines the multipurpose ultrasound scanning system functions and vacuum assisted breast needle aspiration biopsy device with 3D visualization function.

INNOVACIA Cancer Center provides ultrasound services of:

  • Thyroid;

  • Soft tissues;

  • Breast;

  • Abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space organs;

  • Male and female small pelvic organs.

Nuclear Medicine (Radionuclide Diagnostics)

Ультрасовременная гамма-камера BrightView | Диагностика рака | Сцинтиграфия  Радионуклидная диагностика в клинике ИННОВАЦИЯ | Сцинтиграфия Ядерная медицина | Остеосцинтиграфия

The methodologies of Nuclear Medicine enable to find changes at functional (early) stage of disease. For example, bone metastases in a number of instances can be found 6 to 12 months earlier than by means of other visualization methods (X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound-based diagnostics). Radionuclide Diagnostics requires using a special equipment called gamma camera.

The ultra-modern Philips Medical Systems BrightView Gamma Camera System (USA) is installed in INNOVACIA Cancer Center. Considering the Center specialization, the majority of examinations in Radionuclide Diagnostics Department is scintigraphy. The aim of the examination is detecting the presence or absence of bone metastases, tumor of different localization. Received information enables to evaluate anatomical and topographical data and functional indices of the examined organ or system.


INNOVACIA Cancer Center provides the following examination services:

  • Skeletal system (Bone Scintigraphy);

  • Brain (Brain Imaging);

  • Breast (Scintimammography);

  • Kidneys (Dynamic Renal, Static Renal Scintigraphy);

  • Liver (Dynamic Hepatobiliary Imaging; Static Radionuclide Liver Imaging);

  • Lymphatic system, lymph nodes (Lymphoscintigraphy);

  • Thyroid (Radionuclide Thyroid Imaging);

  • Salivary glands (Radionuclide Salivary Gland Imaging), and;

  • Heart (Myocardial Scintigraphy).


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