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INNOVACIA Cancer Centre, the specialized oncology clinic for women’s health, carries out a wide range of laparoscopic procedures, namely:

  • operations on uterine appendages;

  • omentectomy;

  • oophorectomy;

  • resection of the ovary;

  • cystectomy;

  • salpingectomy;

  • adnexectomy;

  • conservative myomectomy;

  • separation of adhesions in the small pelvis;

  • removal of ovarian cysts;

  • surgery for advanced and impaired tubal pregnancy with preservation or removal of the fallopian tube;

  • diagnostic laparoscopy, etc.


Chemotherapy is performed using the most advanced drugs that have mild side effects. Besides the disease treatment, it is also used to treat side effects. The use of different chemotherapy regimens in treatment of patients with cancer of female reproductive organs enables to perform quality surgeries and treatment based on radical approach.

Radiation therapy is a modern method of using radiation for maximum impact on tumor focus with minimum impact on surrounding healthy tissues.

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